parish of the upper skerne

Quite a few people have never heard of the Parish of the Upper Skerne. It’s actually a useful name to identify an area of the North East centred on the attractive town of Sedgefield not so very far from Durham, and the outlying villages of Fishburn, theTrimdons, Bishop Middleham, Bradbury and Morden.

They are all in a part of the world where pockets of considerable wealth often rub shoulders with communities still battling the economic consequences of the government’s pit-closure programme.

What hasn’t changed is the natural resilience of the people who live here with their great sense of humour, enthusiasms and strong community spirit.

As one recent arrival in the district commented: “All in all, it’s a great place to be. . . ”


The Parish of the Upper Skerne

Psalm 55:14

What good fellowship we once enjoyed

as we walked together to the house of God

St. Catherine’s Church

View across Fishburn village green.

Image by John Phillips